Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Road Armor

When it comes to your Ranger Trail trailer, our Road Armor technology defends against virtually every normal road hazard and keeps the trailer frame and axles looking new.  That much you might already know...  But more than that, the science behind our patented Road Armor trailer finish is so strong that its industrial applications are virtually limitless.  Technically considered a “polyurea” material, the Road Armor coating used on your Ranger Trail trailer is the same technology used by State DOT’s across the nation to protect bridges, manholes and sewer systems – used by the railway industry to line liquid container cars and protect tanks from corrosion.  The list goes on and on…   

Our commitment to technological innovation isn’t just marketing spin.  It’s part of who we are – and you can count on us to continue building the most scientifically advanced boats and trailers on the planet. 

Rick Huddleston
Engineering, Ranger Boats