Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tempered By Fire…

Recently, a friend was thumbing through an old fishing magazine and came across this vintage Ranger ad.  It’s a January 1972 issue that likely had a fall 1971 deadline for submitting ad materials.  The message it contains is one of the first from Ranger after the devastating fire in May of 1971.  In the open letter to his customers, our founder and my granddad, Forrest Wood, shared the same straight-forward and personal commitment to quality and reliability that continues to set every Ranger apart.

Even though it’s been nearly four decades since that tragic event, there was good to be found in the trials of those days.  We discovered we had a lot of friends and we also found out that tough times only make us better and even more committed to the Ranger legacy of quality, innovation and performance.

We’ve come a long way since those early years and, incredibly, Forrest and Nina still have one of the early Ranger boats from the 1960’s.  It’s on display in their sports gallery ( just south of our plant.  Ultimately, it’s an amazing testimony to the power of a dream.  Equally important, it’s a constant reminder of the privilege we share in helping create your personal dream rig.  Thanks again for making our jobs so rewarding.  We appreciate your continual feedback and invite you to stop in and see us anytime you’re in our part of the world.

Keith Daffron
Ranger Sales