Monday, February 14, 2011

Forrest Wood Inducted Into Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame

What a night…

The truly special moments in life always seem to have one thing in common – it’s a combination of being in a certain place, at a certain time, and the undeniable knowledge of just how fortunate you are to be there. 

That’s exactly the way Friday night played out for my family and me.  The Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame – the same Hall of Fame that includes legends like Pat Summerall, Brooks Robinson, Mark Martin and Scottie Pippen – honored my mentor and Ranger Boats founder, Forrest L. Wood.  It was a memorable night that reminded me what an icon and legendary figure I’ve had the privilege of sharing so much with.  He and his wife Nina are some of the most influential people the sport of fishing, as well as the state of Arkansas, have ever seen.  And what an honor it is to see them recognized as such. 

Perhaps most significant, though, is the type of people Forrest and Nina are.  Their genuine commitment to family, hard work and friendship is a perspective that sometimes gets lost in society today.  It’s a positive example recognized throughout the industry with real insights that have not only grown the sport of fishing but opportunities for all involved.  Ultimately, their closeness and personal relationships with so many have built a lasting culture and legacy at Ranger Boats.   We’re fortunate indeed to have such great friends.

Randy Hopper
President, Ranger Boats