Monday, February 14, 2011

Prepping For The Classic

Check out this Valentine's Day report from Ranger Pro Randall Tharp for a sneak peak into the life of a professional angler trying to prepare for this weekend's Bassmaster Classic:

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Today is a much needed break in a very busy week. They only thing on my agenda for today is to clean up my truck and boat, rig a few rods, and get checked in to our motel downtown. I might even take Sara out for a special Valentine's dinner tonight!

I wish I could tell you that I had an awesome practice but I can't. The whole Delta has changed tremendously since we were here in early December. Most notably was the muddy water and water temperature in the low 40's. As I said before, I had four areas where I was going to spend my time this week. I spent around three hours a day behind the wheel of my truck driving all over south Louisiana to check my areas. On Friday, the first practice day, I went straight to what I considered my best area. This is an area I found that I know has winning potential. Daylight to dark produced only four bites. Not good enough since I would be limited to three hours of fishing time during the tournament. Day two was even worse as I had three bites on that day in my second best area. Yesterday was a real struggle as to where I should spend my time. I went to a place that I was not real impressed with when I was here before. I started running some new water around 10 because it was not looking good at that point. I found a place that produced 7 bites in a two hour time span. I took the boat out at 2:00 to go and check my last area. It produced 4 bites from 4 PM until dark. 

I didn't think there was a chance when I got here that my Z-520 would be headed the way it will be on the first day of the Classic. I was so excited to have found my "Best Area" in December and up until 10:00 yesterday I was devastated because I knew it wasn't going to happen there. All I ask for in any tournament is to have a chance and I truly believe I have one now.

We will get one more practice day on Wednesday. I plan on going to my new "Best Area" and checking the run time, refueling, and hopefully finding something else good close by. The weather is shaping up nicely and there is no doubt the fishing is going to get better everyday. Bassmaster Classic 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Randall Tharp