Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gagliardi Reports In From The Wal-Mart Open

Well, I'm back at Beaver Lake.  I actually kind of missed coming here last year. Is it ok to say that as a bass fisherman?  Anyway, I have always enjoyed my trips to Beaver Lake although it is without a doubt one of, if not the, toughest fishery that I have ever been to.  I believe this marks my tenth time coming here for an FLW event, and I think I can honestly say I know as much about it now as I did the first time I visited many years ago.  To me it’s just one of those places where things are always different year to year, and what happened in previous years is always irrelevant to what is happening at the moment.  This year is following that pattern to a tee for me.  It is lower than I have ever seen the lake, which sometimes can be a good thing for positioning the fish on key structure.  However, when Beaver is low, I don't really feel it forces the fish into certain places like it might on other impoundments.  It is just so deep, with so much rock and timber, the fish still seem to spread out as opposed to grouping together as I feel they should in low water conditions.

True to form, my practice on Beaver started pretty slow.  The first day I only had one solid keeper largemouth and just a handfull of other bites.  The water was in the low to mid 40s where I fished - which is about what I expected before I got here.  I actually spent a fair amount of time fishing a float and fly only to never get a bite.   The second day I changed areas and managed to get 7 or 8 bites on the fly with a few of those being keepers.  This actually made me feel pretty good because I thought maybe I had learned what I needed to look for, at least for that kind of bite.  However, in pure Beaver Lake fashion day three yielded no fly bites whatsoever.  By the end of the day, I did locate a few areas that I feel like I can catch some largemouth, which on Beaver means a lot.  Overall, I feel this is going to be a jerkbait tournament with maybe a few other techniques mixed in.  Actually I think we could likely have a higher top-ten weight than any previous FLW Tour event we’ve ever had on Beaver.  Beaver Lake is not void of big fish, and some will definitely make an appearance at this week’s weigh-in’s.  And to be honest….I hope I’ll be holding a few myself. 

Anthony Gagliardi