Friday, July 8, 2011

Trailer Maintenance Checklist

I’m often asked for a “top-10” list when it comes to routine trailer maintenance – which is a great idea.  The checklist below is something we’ve developed to help ensure you’re able to maximize the time you get on the water.  After all, a safe and hassle-free experience on the trailer means more time on the water with family and friends...  

1                    Always check for proper air pressure (Our 14 inch tires require 50 to 60 psi, while 15 inch tires will need 65)
2                    Check lug nuts for proper torque using a quality torque wrench – 100 ft lbs. is recommended. 
3                    Be sure all trailer lights are working correctly before every trip. Turn on flashers and parking lights and do a walk around.
4                    Check the height of your hitch.  We recommend 16 to 18 inches to the base of the trailer ball.
5                    Know the tow rating of your vehicle, the hitch and the GVWR of the trailer.
6                    Inspect for leaks – oil, grease, air or brake fluid.
7                    Make sure the boat is secured on the trailer.  Check the winch strap and rear tie-downs for tightness.  
8                    Inspect the winch stand for firmness.  If necessary, tighten the bolts on the main frame and the joint of the stand.  
9                    If your trailer has brakes, ensure the brake fluid level is within 3/8” of the top of the reservoir. 
10                Finally, if you’re using your boat and trailer in saltwater, remember to wash down with freshwater after each use.

Rick Huddleston
Engineering, Ranger Boats