Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Tournament

Ranger pro David Walker recently sent in this update and we thought it was a great testimony to the importance of taking kids fishing. Hope you enjoy...

This past weekend I had the pleasure to fish the Mountain Music kids fishing tournament on Douglas Lake. The best part of it was my teammate was my daughter Lilly; this was the very first tournament she had fished in. Although she has been to many events over the years and has walked across stage after stage by my side, all over the country, this one was different - she was an angler.  Lilly has the greatest attitude, her ability to try anything and appreciate the opportunity is one of the reasons I admire her so much. I signed us up the week before the tournament, so our take off number was 371 out of 400 boats, this just gave us more time at take off to get some more photos and talk to a few of the other competitors. I watched Lilly as she took it all in, I believe she looked at every boat as they took off, waiting patiently to hear boat # 371. Take off was at 3pm and we were due in at 7pm. The first couple of hours we spent most of it moving from place to place just for the air conditioning effect - Lilly really appreciated that! With the temp around 95 degrees I was glad to be moving as well. We caught 9 fish during the 4 hours we had before check in including a white bass, a walleye, and Lilly caught a drum which she described as very sparkly and she asked if we could keep it. After looking at the fish she actually described it very well. The limit was 3 fish and Lilly did get to hook and land one of our bass we weighed in. She caught it on a Carolina rigged lizard and did a great job. There was a lot of high fives and Lilly did several minutes of dancing & jumping up and down while chanting OH YEAH, OH YEAH. It was not long after this that Lilly started searching the boat down, looking for snacks.  Once we weighed in we had 3 fish that totaled 4.63, this was good enough for 21st place and what a great time I had, following Lilly up on stage to receive her 200 dollars from her first tournament. Lilly’s first words, after we got off stage were "You get 100 and I get 100!" I will remember this day always and I look forward to next year already. If you get a chance to take your kids fishing please do, it is a opportunity to make a memory with them that will last a lifetime.