Monday, August 22, 2011

Boat Tip From Ranger Pro Greg Bohannan

Before purchasing your next new Ranger boat, consider adding a Hamby keel guard to the bottom of your boat.  Whether you are a serious tournament fisherman or a weekend angler, this is a great product to protect your investment.  Just about every tournament I have to pull my boat onto the bank for weigh- in or to pick my partner up the morning of the tournament.  The keel guard protects from scratches and adds value for resale.  This is a frequently asked question each year at resale time, if my boat has a keel guard.  I firmly believe it assists in the sale each year.

Ranger / Kelloggs Pro Greg Bohannan

2007 Stren Central AOY
3 time Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier
5 time Stren Championship Qualifier