Friday, September 16, 2011

NMMA Certification

A customer asked recently, “What makes a boat NMMA Certified and what does that mean?”  Here’s a little background on the NMMA and what it means to Ranger boat owners:

NMMA stands for National Marine Manufacturers Association.  Its membership is made up of countless companies which produce about every conceivable product used in the marine industry.  The NMMA dedicates its energies to increasing recreational boating and works to ensure the success of the companies involved in it.

One of the ways they achieve this is through quality assurance.  The NMMA has developed certification programs to help manufacturers comply with established standards and safety regulations, and to inform boaters which products comply with these standards.

What does this mean to Ranger owners?

All Ranger boats produced today are certified by NMMA standards.  It’s just another way we work to ensure the total satisfaction of our family of owners.  You could say it’s a third party endorsement.  Everyone who owns a Ranger boat has a product that has met, and usually exceeds, the standards for quality and safety set forth by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.