Monday, October 31, 2011

Trailering Tips From Ranger Pro Pete Harsh

Here are some tips for avoiding the three most common mistakes I see made when backing up a boat trailer.

1.  Not getting your boat and tow rig straight with the boat launch site. If in doubt get out and take a look. When launching your boat, pull ahead until your boat and tow rig are straight with each other and in line with your launch site. This in itself will eliminate most of problem #2.

2:  Over steering. Put one hand on the top of the steering wheel. Do not let go of the wheel when backing up. That way you cannot turn even a full turn. Over correcting of the steering wheel is what always gets novice boaters in trouble. You simply do not need to turn a steering wheel 2-3 turns to back a boat trailer up. Practice this technique in a deserted parking lot, without an audience and you will be surprised how quickly you pick it up.

3. Use your side mirrors only when backing up. Forget the center mirror. In your side mirrors you will pick up the trailer going off course much quicker. There by eliminating the over steering problem described in heading #2. Backing up anywhere is also much safer when using your side mirrors. You cannot see a trike, wagon or small child behind your rear wheels by looking out the back window. Think about it. Use your side mirrors at all  times. Even then don’t try backing up unless you know the area behind you is clear.

Ranger Pro Pete Harsh / “MR.TILLER”

2008 FLW Walleye Tour “Angler Of The Year”
2007 FLW Walleye Tour ND Champion
2006 PWT MI Super Pro Champion
PWT Northeast Pro Am Champion
PWT Central Pro Am Champion
PWT Midwest Pro Am Champion
Ranger Cup Walleye “Angler Of The Year”