Friday, May 11, 2012

Scott Suggs on Fishing for Suspended Bass

Ranger Pro Scott Suggs is known for his ability to locate and catch suspended bass. Scott was kind enough to share some of the secrets to his success in this week's blog entry. Hope you enjoy:

The key for fishing for suspended bass is keeping the lure in the strike zone where the fish are positioned.  Since this is not on bottom or top, it is necessary to retrieve your bait at the perfect depth.  To determine this depth, I rely on my Lowrance Electronics to show me exactly where to target the fish.  Once I determine the location, I look for water at that same depth.  I make several casts to that depth, counting how long it takes my bait to hit bottom and analyzing the retrieval speed necessary to keep the bait at the correct depth.  I then apply what I have learned to the suspended fish.

Scott Suggs

2007 FLW Cup Champion