Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Understanding Forage Puts More Fish In The Boat

Walleye fishermen spend countless hours reading and learning more about the Walleye and its habits.  While this is always a great idea, I try to encourage them to spend as much, if not more time understanding the forage that the Walleye counts on to survive.  Understanding what the forage is and what it does at different times of the year can put a lot more fish in the boat.  A great example of this is on the Great Lakes, where you want to look for schools of smelt in open water.  I use my Humminbird 1197 Side Imaging unit and look 100 feet to each side and mark schools of suspended bait fish.  I can scroll over and store a wave point and continue to look almost making a map on the water of these schools.  In the Great Lakes if you find bait you can bet the Walleyes are somewhere close.  So spend those extra hours learning more about the forage and it will pay dividends.

Jimmy Bell
Ranger Pro
Ham Lake, MN