Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Real Performance Can’t Be Watered Down™

Bow to stern, every aluminum rig from Ranger® is packed with performance.  It’s a level of confidence reinforced by the advanced engineering in our upright, level flotation standards.  With closed-cell foam injected into virtually every available cavity below deck, the design delivers an extremely quiet rig with a solid one-piece-feel and extraordinary peace of mind.

Further demonstrating that point, we cut holes completely through the side, decks, and hull of the aluminum Ranger® shown below and fished for hours.  Throughout  that time, the boat remained level, stable, and easy to maneuver while fishing.*

Ranger® Aluminum… From hand built quality to all-out performance, our legendary flotation features are just one more reminder that Real Performance Can’t Be Watered Down.

 * Test conducted in controlled environment. Read and follow your owner’s manual, and operate your boat in a safe manner in all circumstances.