Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's The Kind Of Commitment You'll Want To Look Into™.

With huge holes cut completely through the boat, we launched this full-rigged, aluminum Ranger® and fished it for hours. Throughout the time, the boat remained level, ultra-stable, and easy to maneuver while fishing. It's a demonstration we've shared to help reinforce the dramatic difference in Ranger® quality and safety features. Engineered to be extremely quiet, our advanced designs deliver a solid one-piece-feel and extraordinary piece of mind. So much so, that, with virtually every available cavity injected with closed cell foam flotation, your new aluminum Ranger® exceeds Coast Guard specifications while driving home extraordinary levels of strength, stealth, insulation, and security. The Ranger® legacy of leadership. Bow to stern, we're committed to handcrafting the highest quality, strongest performing™ boats on the water.  It's The Kind Of Commitment You'll Want To Look Into™.

Check out the video below and watch professional angler Scott Martin take the Ranger® aluminum cut-away out on the water.