Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Service Crews Work Quickly To Repair Boat Damaged By Fallen Tree

Service crew members... they are the unsung heroes that travel all over the country attending tournaments. You never hear their name called or see them come across the stage, but they play a huge role in the success of professional fishermen every single weekend.

As you can see in this story, a tree falling on Dan Morehead's boat during a storm was a very usual circumstance caused by Mother Nature, but the Ranger Boats service team along with members of several other service crews, were able to come together and quickly get Dan ready to compete in the FLW Tour event on Beaver Lake that starts tomorrow morning.
So glad that no one was hurt and that Dan will be able to take off with the rest of the competitors. Great job to all of the service crew members that jumped in to save the day just like you do every tournament weekend!